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FTA Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Gina Pender, President (Term 2016-2018)

Eric Markham, Vice-President (Term 2017 – 2019)

Lee Lemay, Treasurer (Term 2017-2019)

Charmagne Alder, Secretary (Term 2016 – 2018)

Joe Sample (Term 2017-2019)

Anthony Ely (Term 2016-2018)

Sabine Siekmann (Term 2017-2019)

Board news

What the FTA Board is working on right now:


  • 3rd Annual Swing into Spring Kids Free Tennis Event, April 7, 2018. Contact Sabine Siekmann (ssiekmann@alaska.edu) if you can help out during this event
  • Planning Summer Classes and Camps. Members of the Summer Program Committee are: Lee Lemay, Gina Pender, Eric Markham and Charmagne Alder
  • FTA Block Party Kids Free Tennis Event, May 20, noon-4pm at DRCTC
  • Exploring options for establishing a community owned indoor tennis facility. If you have ideas or expertise to share, please contact Sabine Siekmann (ssiekmann@alaska.edu), Chair of FTA Indoor Facility Task Force, or Eric Markham (akericm@gmail.com).
FTA is a qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. See our “Ways to Give” page for information about donating to FTA.